Tuesday, July 01, 2008

E-Mail Forwards

Generally speaking, I hate them. Most are completely useless, false or filled with Christian propaganda.

But, if you're one that enjoys these, I've got a gentle (or not) request.

http://snopes.com/ - a beautiful little site that verifies stories, myths and urban legends. An invaluable tool.

Seriously. Especially with this being a politically heated year. If you insist on forwarding e-mails, check the facts first. Where else in life would you spread information that could be false without checking it first?

This is largely spurned by the Obama e-mails floating around in cyberspace. You know the ones - he's a Muslim, he's unpatriotic, etc.

If anyone bothered to actually CHECK THE FACTS they would see it's all bullshit. And maybe, just maybe the idiot forwards would stop.

My PSA for the day.


SpunkyMama said...

Oh my word! I could not agree with you more. I've started getting my kicks by emailing all of the people on the email back with the snopes link proving it's false. Kind of like, "Take that for spreading fear, hate, lies and half-truths!"

Tricia said...

Can you hear me through the computer saying...YES, YES, YES!!!!

If I could be Queen of the Internet for a day, forwarding junk mail is the first offense I've render punishable by law. Anyone who committed the crime would be automatically unplugged for TWO WEEKS, and I'd impose a three-strikes and you're out rule!