Thursday, July 03, 2008

What a difference a year makes!

4th of july
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This is a picture of my sweet girls last 4th of July. They have both changed SO much. Just looking at this makes me misty eyed. Nana was pointing up in the sky, trying to show Pia the fireworks. I just can't believe my "babies" are so big now.

Pia is signing like a champ, completely able to communicate her needs. She's SO smart (I know, all moms say that about their kids!). You can just watch her figure stuff out. She couldn't get on the couch, so she figured out how to push the wipe container over and stand on it! She's got her mama's temper - but even that cracks us up! She knows where her eyes, ears, head, hair, legs, tummy and boobies are. She's so goofy, she pretends to sneeze because she gets a kick out of people saying "bless you". She tries to wink and we about die of laughter.

Nana is speaking so clearly, and amazing me daily. She can be so incredibly sweet. She LOVES her sister so much - it really melts my heart to see them interact (except when they fight, which is more often that I anticipated for a 3 yo and a 1 yo). Her current wish is to get married (to Josh, from Drake and Josh), get a job and have babies. She talks about their wedding all the time - she has such an imagination!

I just love them, so much. It consumes me at times. In the good way.


Jennifer said...

Your girls look so cute in that picture. Time really has flown, hasn't it!

Amy said...

Time goes by too quickly and children grow up too fast -- being consumed by the love for your children is so wonderful, I too know how you feel!

Cara Starr said...

hey - i've been meaning to visit and return the comment lovin'. Then i wasn't sure which blog to visit first! LOL! I can't keep up with my ONE blog! You are seriously talented. :)

Tricia said...

They are gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. And all that pink, I'm jealous. I've been mourning the loss of baby-hood lately as my little man is not four-and-a-half and seems so damn grown up. I wish I could bottle his innocence and keep it forever. I tell every new mom to cherish every possible moment because it goes bo toooo fast. Of course people told me the same thing and I'm not sure I really believed them.