Monday, July 07, 2008

RAK: Monday

This week we're going to compliment people! I want you to dish out AT LEAST one (sincere!) compliment to someone per day.

It can be anyone, co-worker, husband, child or even a stranger. But, it has to be someone different every day.

Tell someone how nice they look, or how smart you think they are. Everyone needs a good compliment.

Now go forth and be kind!!


Jamie said...

OK, going to complement to hubby tonight. We've been grouchy with each other lately.

Jen said...

THis is an awesome idea. I think that it is the best way to get some one to open up. After giving some one a sincere compliment, people often soften and are more receptive.

Tricia said...

Yesterday I complimented my beautiful stepdaughter on her wonderful writing skills. I do believe we have another creative in the family, YEA. And, today I complimented the new barista at Starbucks for already being able to multi task like a pro. This is getting easier every day:o)

Posh Mama said...

This is my favorite challenge so far and easiest. I tried to make it a little more challenging by scouting out people who appeared to be having a bad day too. LOVED it... Just the other day I was walking in my neighborhood and this woman was coming towards me and seemed in a rush and was trying to get around people and we she got close enough to me I said "I just love that dress you are wearing and you look so pretty today" She completely stopped in her tracks and told me that I made her day. YAY.

Jennifer, you keep doing your good work you are spreading joy all over the world and I'm doing my part for you in San Francisco! :)

Much love, xoxo-pm

Little Window Shoppe said...

What a great idea! I am all for Random Acts of Kindness! I'll make sure I take time to compliment someone today. :)

marjieluv said...

today I commented a peer who has been very supportive and helpful. he's working on an urgent project that recently encoutere bugs and was very busy. he never expected my gratitute and was very happy. thanks for the prompt. will visit regularly :)