Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Hump Day

So today my sister asked if I would meet her at the outlet mall. My day started out way earlier than usual, I still have this fing headache, and she needed to get out, so we agreed to meet at 10.

Things started out just fine. We went to Carters (I puffy heart Carters) where I bought each of the girls a cute pair of sunglasses. Still pretty uneventful. After Carters, Pia decided she didn't want in her stroller anymore. I let her out to walk, and a motorcycle went by and scared a good year off her little baby life. She's very sensitive. She totally ate shit while trying to keep an eye on the bike as if to make sure it wasn't going to eat her.

We then went to eat. I asked Nana what she wanted. She promptly replied ice cream! Umm nope, try again. She wanted nothing but ice cream. Jamie decided to give it a try and got to her agree to a Crabby Patty (otherwise known as a hamburger). Me being mom and all knew this wasn't going to work. She's tried a CP once before - and literally gagged like the drama queen she is. Whatever, we'll try again. Yeah, not so much. Jamie did manage to get her to eat several bites, but her face while chewing was priceless. She'd never make it on Fear Factor.

So we leave and decide to visit a fountain they have (which they give gondola rides on - it's seriously lame - little fountain?). We stay there for a bit and it starts raining. We head for cover, which happens to be Osh Kosh. We shop - found adorable 4th of July outfits - and leave. Walking towards our cars, I notice Nana decided to employ the 5 finger discount on some hair ties. Nice. So, back we head to Osh Kosh with the future felon. I make her give them back to the lady and apologize, explaining to her (while trying NOT to laugh my rear off) that we don't take things, it's stealing, blah blah.

So, we leave. Once I get in the car, nature calls, for me. Not the easy kind either. Now, I'm not a public pooper. I can't do it - I freeze up and my body just won't cooperate. I'm miserable, but stuck.

Then, it starts raining. Again. Hard. I despise driving in the rain, it freaks me out.

So we do make it home, without incident, only to discover I left the garage door open - all day long.

I'm just a mess.

All in all, it wasn't an awful day - I've had much worse.


Tricia said...

I'm sorry it was a crapy day, but can I just say yea for you that you had your daughter go back and hand over the loot! I used to own a toy store and you wouldn't believe the stories I could tell about parents who didn't care if their kids had light fingers. And I had a friend who recently told me she noticed when getting back into the car at Target that her eight-year-old had light-fingered a toy, but she was in a hurry and so didn't make him bring it back. Can you tell you've hit one of my hot buttons here...Anyway, thanks for being a great mom who's providing values for your children. The problem isn't that kids try it, of course they do, the problem is when parents don't care enough to teach them any different. Kudos to you for caring!

Amy said...

Some days are just like that! Hang in there, it will get better! And as Tricia also said, I appreciate you parenting your children! Hope today is better!

Jen said...

Sounds like one heck of a day. Hope the next one is better.